Drawing Live on FOX 10 Arizona Morning

Looks like I can scratch off drive on live TV off of my bucket list.  Monday I went on FOX 10 Arizona Morning and did a sketch of Rick and Andrea.  You can see the video here.


My work featured on The Today Show

Very exciting!!  See it here!


Valentine's 2014

I did this sample for a Valentine's Day promo.  I wasn't sure who to draw so I used my wife in this caricature.  I almost felt like doing this as a surprise to her after I finished but then I'd have to do another sample....

On another note, I totally stole this palette from Serge Birault (Papa Ninja on Deviant Art).  He painted something in these hues not long ago and I kept it in mind when I painted this.  If you've never seen Serge's work, check it out immediately!  He's amazing.


2 days left!!!!

There two days left for my Indiegogo campaign for my and the campaign needs support to hit our goal.  Please share!   

This is the updated cover by the way...  :)


Kyra and snakie

This is for my friend Ken Austin's book Haven Knights #2.  I did a bit of a silly cartoon of Kyra in the first book.  Actually I just did the cartoon but he added it.  When he asked me to do an  image I told I'd be "serious" this time.  I didn't know what I was going to do, but if it includes a snake, it's gotta be serious.