40th Birthday Caricature

I drew live at a birthday party this weekend but I did this caricature in advance for the party.  It was turned into a poster at the entrance of the party.  It was a great idea and it was quite a conversation piece.  


Bachelor Party Game

I created this as a game for my friend's bachelor party last year.  I figured I'd post it, it may help someone with some inspiration.  I printed this (as two sided) and stuffed them in lanyards.  I'll never forget the look on this one waitresses' face when I asked her if she wore thong.  LOL  You'd think I would have won, but I didn't.  I was close though.


Drawing Live on FOX 10 Arizona Morning

Looks like I can scratch off drive on live TV off of my bucket list.  Monday I went on FOX 10 Arizona Morning and did a sketch of Rick and Andrea.  You can see the video here.


My work featured on The Today Show

Very exciting!!  See it here!


Valentine's 2014

I did this sample for a Valentine's Day promo.  I wasn't sure who to draw so I used my wife in this caricature.  I almost felt like doing this as a surprise to her after I finished but then I'd have to do another sample....

On another note, I totally stole this palette from Serge Birault (Papa Ninja on Deviant Art).  He painted something in these hues not long ago and I kept it in mind when I painted this.  If you've never seen Serge's work, check it out immediately!  He's amazing.